2019-2020 Teacher Of The Year

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Golden Apple
September 2019 Winner - Amber Goodman:(Enterprise Elementary School )

"It's funny how it worked out," Goodman said. "I decided to get my degree in gifted in the middle of the school year, like in January, and if I hadn't started then, I wouldn't have been done in time to get this gifted education spot.....   Read More

Golden Apple
October 2019 Winner - Anne Fisackerly:(Philadelphia High School)

"I had no intention of becoming a high school teacher," she said. "If you would have asked me when I graduated from Mississippi State if I would be a teacher I would have said, 'oh no'."..   Read More

Golden Apple
November 2019 Winner - Gwen Rockette:(Clarkdale Elementary)

Bloom where you are planted.

That is the philosophy of Clarkdale Elementary teacher Gwen Rockette – do your best, wherever you are...   Read More

Golden Apple
December 2019 Winner - Ashley McClelland:(Northeast Elementary School)

When Ashley McClelland was a child, she'd sit in her bedroom and pretend she was a teacher, with her stuffed animals as her students..   Read More

Golden Apple
January 2020 Winner - Kayla Weir:(Clarkdale Middle School)

Clarkdale Middle School teacher Kayla Weir firmly believes teaching is more than a profession...   Read More

Golden Apple
February 2020 Winner - Morgan Joiner:(Newton County Elementry School)

Kindergarten teacher Morgan Joiner was unaware she was about to be named February’s Golden Apple teacher at an assembly on Feb. 14...   Read More

Golden Apple
March 2020 Winner - Vickie Adcock:(Clarkdale Middle School)

In the classroom, Adcock doesn't stand up and lecture her students. Instead, the students are divided into groups based on their interests...   Read More

Golden Apple
April 2020 Winner - Brandi Nix:(Patrician Academy)

It's a unique opportunity, because I never would have dreamed I'd have the best of both worlds..   Read More