2021-2022 Teacher Of The Year

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Golden Apple
November 2021 Winner - Sommer Webb:(Clarkdale Hish School)

Clarkdale High School science teacher Sommer Webb goes the extra mile for her students because she wants them to succeed.

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Golden Apple
December 2021 Winner - Rhea Mabry:(West Lauderdale High School)

"To me, art is a way for them to have an outlet," she said. "So many things are stressed for academics,..   Read More

Golden Apple
January 2022 Winner - Kayla Moore:(Enterprise Elementary)

Preferring writing and literature, Moore shunned math until ninth grade, when her teacher showed that her math is more than just the numbers..   Read More

Golden Apple
February 2022 Winner - Katie Horn:(Oakland Heights Elementary)

Katie Horn's classroom is not a quiet place, and it isn't intended to be..   Read More

Golden Apple
March 2022 Winner - Phyllis Skipper:(Lamar High School)

Students in Phyllis Skipper's classes at Lamar High School learn mathematics, engineering, robotics and more, but within each class, they also get lessons in problem solving...   Read More

Golden Apple
April 2022 Winner - Ashley Shier:(Northeast Lauderdale Middle School)

"I know that my job is to be a teacher and they're a student, but getting to connect with them on an actual human level and getting to know their human interests and what they're doing outside the classroom…"..   Read More